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On select October nights our 130 acre farm is transformed into the scariest haunted trail in the region. If you are looking for a new and out of the ordinary way to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing this October, Scarrigan Farms is the place for you.

This is not a trail for kids. If you're under 12 come back when you're old enough. We'll be waiting. If someone hasn't peed in their pants by the end of the night we know haven't done our job.

Scarrigan Farms is a walking trail, but we won’t promise that you’ll only be walking. Crawling, sliding, and squeezing tend to have a place in the night. On average it takes 30-45 minutes to make it through. That’s IF you can make it. Despite their best efforts some of our guests can’t take the terror and "chicken out" before the trail is over. Just remember we can smell fear and we love having chicken for dinner.

Who is it for? The haunted trail is especially recommended for the following individuals: Adults and children 12-99 years old People with an extreme fear of clowns Those who love (or don’t love) bright, flashing, spinning, disorienting objects People with an extreme fear of the dark Those who may or may not enjoy squeezing into tight spaces People who like being lost in a moonlit corn maze Both chainsaw haters and aficionados Scary movie buffs Avid hikers, screamers, people with bladder control issues, etc Can I attend if I am impaired by drugs or alcohol? No! In fact, we reserve the right to refuse to sell you a ticket or take your ticket away and ask you to leave if you are impaired. Additionally, you are not allowed to bring in outside beverages of any kind. This includes adult drinks hidden in Yeti cups, Starbucks cups, Cookout cups, etc. Do I have to pay to park? Parking is free! Do children get a discount? Children’s tickets are the same price as adults. We accept CASH OR CHECK ONLY; no credit or debit cards will be accepted. Are there any other parts of the farm I get to see? You will be able to go to the quarry and enjoy the bonfires while you wait for your ticket to be called! What should I wear? Comfortable clothes, but most importantly, sneakers or hiking boots. They are recommended footwear. Will the actors touch me? Actors will not touch you on purpose but they might invade your personal space. They might touch your soul, but won’t touch your body, unless it is an accident. How do I pay? We accept CASH OR CHECK ONLY; no credit or debit cards will be accepted. How do I purchase the tickets? Tickets are available for purchase at the door only. There are no online or pre-sale ticket sales. You must purchase your tickets in person the night you come. We accept CASH OR CHECK ONLY; no credit or debit cards will be accepted. What do I get by purchasing a ticket? One ticket includes all of the different scare zones. It is a progressive walking trail through each of the zones, including the 3D zone, the town, the woods, the butcher, bus, and the corn maze! When purchasing your ticket, please remember that we accept CASH OR CHECK ONLY; no credit or debit cards will be accepted. Is the haunted trail a hayride? The haunted trail is not and does not include a hayride. You will not be getting on a hayride as part of the haunted trail. To schedule a night hayride, please visit How long is the wait time to enter the haunted trail? The wait time varies depending on which night you come and what time you come. Saturday’s have the longest wait time. Are there any photos that will be taken while I am on the haunted trail? Your photo will be taken. By purchasing a ticket to Scarrigan Farms, you agree to have your photo taken and if you make a great enough scared face, may be used on our social media platforms or website. Is the haunted trail wheelchair accessible? The haunted trail is not wheelchair accessible due to the natural terrain of Scarrigan Farms. The haunted trail is all outdoors and involves squeezing through tight spaces, bending, stooping, climbing, crawling, sliding, etc. The quarry itself, where you enjoy the bonfires, is also an area of natural terrain; however, wheelchairs can navigate this area with minimal assistance. What if I’m wearing a boot or have crutches? If you are on crutches or are wearing a boot, you will find it exceedingly difficult to navigate the haunted trail. We do not recommend you attend until you are able to walk without your crutches or boot. I have a medical condition, is the haunted trail suitable for me? We do not recommend the haunted trail for customers with other types of medical conditions including, but not limited to: epilepsy, heart conditions, fractures, other bone or joint conditions, balance issues, personality disorders, psychological disorders, pregnancy, concussions, or any other similar types of medical conditions. If you have a specific question, please contact us prior to purchasing your ticket for guidance. What if it storms the night I’m planning to attend? Scarrigan Farms reserves the right to close in the event of inclement weather and will make every effort to update weather information in real time on their website and other platforms. Check before you attend for inclement weather. What time does the haunted trail close? The actual closing time each evening is contingent on turnout and demand. Generally speaking, on Friday evenings we sell tickets until around 10 pm. On Saturday evenings, we sell tickets until around 11 pm. On Sunday evenings, we sell tickets until around 9 pm. Is it scary? Do clowns laugh? Can I go if I am pregnant? That’s up to you, but a large pregnant belly can alter your center of gravity and make falling more likely. We do not recommend it. How long is the line / wait? The line to purchase tickets moves fast and generally takes about 5 minutes. Once you have your ticket you get to hang out at the quarry listening to music and warming your buns by the fire until your number is called. Are there chainsaws? Yup. Are there clowns? Si, señor. Will they grab me? Actors will not touch you on purpose but they do invade your personal space. What if I can’t finish? There will be no refunds but we will escort you out. What if I chicken out before I go in? Then you don’t have to go in, but we do not give a refund.

While just one trail over a 1/2 mile long, the trail has several distinct aspects, each one designed to further warp your already twisted mind!


While just one trail over a 1/2 mile long, the trail has several distinct aspects, each one designed to further warp your already twisted mind!


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